The Tai Mora Yisaoh crossed over into Raisa when Almeysia killed the original Yisaoh. She's able to briefly insinuate herself into the Temple of Oma, posing as the original Yisaoh.

Biography Edit Edit

During The Mirror Empire Edit

Once Kai Kirana Javia Garika becomes terminally ill, Almeysia helps teh Tai Mora version of Yisaoh sneak into the Temple of Oma. When Rohinmey Tadisa Garika discovers her, she stabs him in the gut and leaves him for dead.

After Kirana died, Yisaoh met with Ahkio and asked him to renounce his claim to the seat. She questioned his lineage, arguing that he looked nothing like his mother. Ahkio refused, saying it wasn't what Kirana wanted. He countered with a compromise, offering to marry Yisaoh's brothers, Rhin and Hadaoh, and their wife Meyna. Yisaoh refused and argued that he wasn't strong enough to lead the nation. Ahkio ordered the militia to escort her from the Temple of Oma and she threatened that her family will take the seat by any means necessary as she departed.

Later, when Ahkio questioned Almeysia, she confesses that she killed the Raisa version of Yisaoh to help the Tai Mora one crossover. She said that Tir was able to bring the original Yisaoh back to life, and that the Tai Mora Yisaoh is now trapped back on Tai Mora.