This page is for the Raisa version of Yisoah. The Tai Mora version is here.

Exiled to Saiduan. Yisaoh once contested Javia Mia Sorai for the title of Kai.

Relationships Edit

Lohin Alais Garika † Edit

Lohin is Yisaoh's brother. After Kirana's death, Yisaoh works with Lohin and attempts to take the throne from Ahkio

Biography Edit

Prior to The Mirror Empire Edit

Almeysia murdered Yisaoh in order to help the Tai Mora version of Yisaoh cross over.

During The Mirror Empire Edit

Her father Tir used three omajistas to bring Yisaoh back to life. It's the true Raisa Yisaoh that Ahkio meets when he led the procession to return the bodies of the dead to Clan Garika. Then he announced that Tir and three generations of his family would be exiled to Saiduan, including Yisaoh.