A satellite above Raisa. The light it shines is green. Also known as Lord of the Living.

Gives power to tirajistas. An tirajista is a sorcerer with the ability to channel Tira. Those with this power can heal flesh, grow/train plants and other organics, and are skilled in creating wards.

Known tirajistas: Alaar Masoth Taar, Almeysia Maisia Sorila, Gian Mursia Badu (Tai Mora), Karosia Soafin, Kirana Javia (Tai Mora), Livia Hasaria, Masura Gailia Saobina

The Temple of Tira - A temple dedicated to Tira. Located in Dhai within the woodland. Somehow repels nearby dangerous plants. Its grounds contain the most renowned gardens in Dhai. The building itself is a living thing, made of some unknown combination of organic matter.

Elder Ora: Aimuda Mosifa Taosina The Elder Ora is responsible for the overall functioning of the temple and care of the people therein. Previous Elders: Masura Gailia Saobina.

Past and present Oras: include

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