Former Clan leader of Clan Garika. Exiled to Saiduan.

Physical Description Edit

Broad and tall. He has a thick beard and heavy brow.

Relationships Edit

Married to Alais, Gaila, and Moarsa. Father of Yisaoh Alais Garika, Hadaoh Alais Garika, Rhin Gaila Garika, Lohin Alais Garika, and Kihin Moarsa Garika.

Biography Edit

During The Mirror Empire Edit

When the Raisa verison of Yisaoh is killed, Tir worked with three omajistas to bring her back to life.

After Clan Garika's failed attempted to overthrow Ahkio as Kai, Ahkio led a procession to return the bodies of their dead. Tir met him in the middle of the Clan square, flanked by his wives and Yisaoh. He stated that Ahkio was not fit to be Kai. Ahkio then declared Tir and his family exiled to Saiduan in the third degree. The third degree dictated that the exile would include Tir and his wives, their children and children's spouses, and their children's children would be banished.