One of the satellites that appears above Raisa. Para's light is violet. Also known as Lord of Unmaking.

Sina was especially powerful when dajian slaves fled Dorinah five hundred years ago, allowing Dhai sinajistas, who outnumbered sinajistas among the Dorinah, to escape their servitude.

Gives power to sinajistas. A sinajista is a sorcerer with the ability to channel Sina. Those with this power can call fire, raise the dead, transmute or transform substances, remove wards, and prophecy. Some sinajistas can capture and harness the soul or life essence of those they slay in their infused blades. Sinajistas are called soul stealers in Saiduan.

Known sinajistas: Maralah Daonia, Nasaka Lokana Saiz,

List of books that mention Sina:

- None known at this time

Known litanies (spells):


The Temple of Sina - A temple dedicated to Sina. Located in Dhai. Like the other temples, the building itself is a living thing.

Elder Ora: . The Elder Ora is responsible for the overall functioning of the temple and care of the people therein. Previous Elders:

Past and present Oras:

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