One of the satellites that appears sporadically above Raisa. Para's light is blue. Also known as Lord of the Air.

Gives power to parajistas. A parajista is a sorcerer with the ability to channel Para. Those with this power can manipulate the air, levitate, affect weather, or form shields, barriers, or vortices. In Tordin they're often called wind witches. Bonsa saplings are used to create weapons infused with the breath of Para.

Unlike the other satellites, parajistas cannot be bound with a ward. The litany will not bind with their blood. Some parajistas, such as Roh, have the ability to see through wards.

Known parajistas: Caisa Arianao Osono, Gaiso Lonai Garika (Tai Mora), Halimey Farai Sorila, Isoail Rosalina, Kalinda Lasa (Tai Mora), Mihina Lorina Nako, Naori Gasila Alia, Ohanni Rorhina Osono, Rohinmey 'Roh' Tadisa Garika, Sulana Ofasa Daora

List of books that mention Para:

- None known at this time

Known litanies (spells):

- Litany of Breath - Calls Para's breath to a parajista, readying them for other litanies.

- Litany of Chrysalis - A litany that condenses the air around a parajista into a solid bubble.

- Litany of Palisade - constructs a shield of air.

- Litany of Sounding - A defensive litany.

- Litany of the Spectral Snake - Wraps the target in a skein of air. Kalinda Lasa uses this to try and force the blades of soldiers' living weapons back into their bodies during The Mirror Empire.

The Temple of Para - A temple dedicated to Para. Located in Dhai. Like the other temples, the building itself is a living thing.

Elder Ora: Naldri Fabita Badu. The Elder Ora is responsible for the overall functioning of the temple and care of the people therein. Previous Elders:

Past and present Oras:

Festival of Para's Ascendance: A festival held on the day when parajistas are at the height of their power.