The dark star, a heavenly body which appears in above Raisa every two thousand years (or so). The light it shines is red. Also known as Laine's Eye in Tordin or Rhea's Eye in Dorinah. It is said that a great power unseats another during its ascent. The last time it rose before the events of The Mirror Empire, Saiduan invaded Dhai.

Gives power to omajistas. An omajista is a sorcerer with the ability to channel Oma. Those with this power can open gateways between worlds and across distances, raise the dead, enhance the powers of others, call fire, and perform many other feats as yet unknown.

Known omajistas: Anavha Hasaria, Lilia Sona, Nava Sona, Mysa Joasta, Shova Hom

List of books that mention Oma:

- Book of Dhai - A Tai Mora text. States that when Oma rises, one world will die and another will be transformed. In the book, omajistas are referred to as the hand of Oma, and will decide the fate of the world.

- Book of Oma - A written set of religious practices, codes and laws followed in Dhai.

- Lord's Book of Unmaking - A book with appendices that include love poetry written to Oma by a sixth century Saiduan scholar.

Known litanies (spells):

- Song of One Breath - A song used to control the power of Oma, taught to Lilia by Taigan.

- Song of Sorrow - An omajista litany

The Temple of Oma Edit

A temple dedicated to Oma. Located in Dhai at the tip of the Fire Gate peninsula. The building itself is a living thing, made of some unknown combination of organic matter. It's connected to other temples through a living Line system. The temple's gardens are surrounded by a translucent webbing, alight with the glow of captured glowing insects. The webbings are patrolled by red spiders. Unlike the other temples, which are dedicated to training only one type of jista, the Temple of Oma trains the very best of all jistas, consolidating all the most powerful jistas into one group.

Elder Ora: Soruza Morak Sorai. The Elder Ora is responsible for the overall functioning of the temple and care of the people therein. Previous Elders: Gaiso Lonai Garika.

Mistress of Novices: Almeysia Maisia Sorila

Gatekeeper: Una Morinis Raona

Defense Forms Instructor: Ranana Talisina Saiz

Past and present Oras: include Dasai Elasora Daora (Deceased), Matias Hinsa Raona (Deceased), Nasaka Lokana Saiz

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