A invader and general from Tai Mora. The daughter of the Tai Mora Dorinah empress. Her title is Sai. She cannot read Dhai.

She claims that the Tai Mora are not her people. It's unclear if she means just the Tai Mora Dhai... or if she's from another world already conquered by the Tai Mora.

Physical Description Edit

Tall and plump, with broad gray eyes, she appears to be Dorinah.

Relationships Edit

Jasoi of Lind Edit

Monshara had sex with Jasoi following a late-autumn masque.

Zezili Hasaria Edit

Monshara knew both the Tai Mora version of Zezili and the Raisa version. She saw the Tai Mora one killed, and told the Raisa Zezili that she didn't want to see her killed as well.

Biography Edit

During The Mirror Empire Edit

Sai Hofsha and Sai Monshara arrived at Zezili Hasaria's household in Dorinah. The Empress ordered Zezili to work with them. Sai Hofsha informed Zezili that her orders are to act as Monshara's second, and burn the dajian slave camps, to kill over eight thousand dajian.

After the week of leave at Zezili's estate ended, she and Monshara led their force to Saolyndara and began killing the dajian. They killed eight hundred and forty-eight dajian.

When Zezili contacted her mother about how to destroy infused mirrors, Monshara found out through her informants and warned Zezili to stop or she would be killed.