Catori of Dhai. Married to Ahkio Javia Garika. Daughter of the leader of Clan Sorai, Hona Fasa Sorai.

Relationships Edit

Ahkio Javia Garika Edit

Ahkio and Mohrai married for political advantage during the meeting of Clan Leaders at Clan Osono.

Biography Edit

During The Mirror Empire Edit

Nasaka brokered a marriage arrangement between Clan Sorai and Kai Ahkio during the meeting of Clan Leaders at Clan Osono. Mohrai and Ahkio are married the next day. Immediately following the ceremony, Mohrai asked to be kept updated about the murders Ghrasia was investigating and the Tai Mora invaders. She also requested permission to continue courting two lovers from Sorai. Ahkio agreed, and Mohrai gave him permission to continue a relationship with Liaro.

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