A powerful sinajista, and acting War Minister of Saiduan. Also known as the Sword of Albaaric. Sister of General Rajavs Daonia. She and Rajavs grew up on the Saiduan coast.

Physical Description Edit

Maralah has a scar from her navel to armpit from when the Tai Mora invaders.

Relationships Edit

Alaar Masoth Taar † Edit

Maralah helped Alaar become Patron because he had an eye for economics and infrastructure. She killed eight of his brothers to help him take the throne.

When Alaar was struck with a bolt to the heart, Maralah and a tirajista used their magic to build him an organic, plant-based heart replacement. She considers it one of her greatest accomplishments.

Despite this, during The Mirror Empire Alaar voiced concern that Maralah wanted to betray him. He asked her if the Dhai envoys are meant to kill him and suggests that maybe she'd been replaced by the Tai Mora at the battle of Aaraduan.

Driaa Saarik, Shao Edit

Driaa is Maralah's usual sparring partner.

Kadaan Edit

Maralah may have died at Aaraduan without Kadaan. He did one last sweep of the hold when he found her bleeding out, and took her with him.

Rajavs Daonia Edit

Rajavs is Maralah's brother. Prior to the Mirror Empire, Maralah recommended the Patron send Rajavs to help hold the coast against the Tai Mora, arguing that he'd be the smarter strategist since they grew up there.

Biography Edit

Prior to the Tai Mora Invasion Edit

Maralah helped Alaar become Patron. She killed eight of his brothers to help him take the throne.

Prior to The Mirror Empire Edit

When the Tai Mora invaded Aaraduan, she ordered the Patron's evacuation and burned the libraries and archives. During the battle they gut her, leaving a permanent scar across her torso. They left her to died, not realizing she could draw on the hold's soul to repair her wounds.

She placed a ward on Taigan, magically compelling him to do as she bids. She orders him to find omajistas and bring them back to Saiduan.

During The Mirror Empire Edit

Using Taigan as an envoy, Alaar finalized a treaty with the Dhai to work together against the Tai Mora. Maralah recommended he send Wraisau and Driaa to assist the Dhai diplomatic party. In response, Alaar asked her if the Dhai were supposed to kill him, and if she'd been replaced by the Tai Mora. He revealed that he didn't expect her to survive the battle at Aaraduan. Maralah knelt and swore her loyalty, however Alaar made it clear he wasn't entirely convinced.