Zezili Hasaria's mother. A weakly gifted tirajista who specializes in the creation of mirrors infused with the power of Tira. Resides in the city of Saolina. Livia lives in a three-story brick house built around a dead bonsa tree.

Physical Description Edit

Female. Short and plump. She dyes her long hair white, because elder women command more respect in Dorinah.

Relationship Edit

Zezili Hasaria Edit

Zezili is Livia's daughter. Livia conceived Zezili with one of her dajian slaves. She chose to recognize Zezili as a Dorinah and her daughter.

Zezili's Unnamed Father Edit

The dajian slave that Livia conceived Zezili with isn't named in the books. He worked in Livia's household and around the grounds. Livia plotted his murder, telling Zezili that killing him would benefit them. It's unclear who actually killed Zezili's father.

Biography Edit

Prior to The Mirror Empire Edit

Livia made her livelihood infusing mirrors before an accident that injured her arm. She tripped on a stair and broke her arm. Her estate fell into disrepair after that and she and Zezili struggled financially and socially.

During The Mirror Empire Edit

Prior to attacking another dajian camp, Zezili decided to visit Livia since Saolina was nearby. It had been a year since Zezili saw or spoke to Livia. Once Zezili found her at the salon, she asked Livia how to destroy infused mirrors. Livia advised her that once infused, only the woman that infused it can break it. But prior to that, it could be broken with the help of a parajista.

Livia told her a mirror the size the Tai Mora are building would require a very talented jista, and referred her to Isoail Rosalia.