Liaro is the only one of Ahkio's family members that sent him a letter of consolation following Kirana's death. He is one of Ahkio's few confidants.    

Relationships Edit

Ahkio Javia Garika Edit

Ahkio is Liaro's cousin and lover. Liaro was upset when Ahkio told him about his intentions to marry Mohrai for the political advantage. He had hoped to marry Ahkio.

Caisa Airanao Osono Edit

Caisa and Liaro became lovers while staying at Clan Osono for the Clan Leader talks.

Biography Edit

During The Mirror Empire Edit

Liaro arrived at the Temple of Oma immediately after Ahkio was named Kai. He warned Ahkio and Nasaka that Lohin and Garika militia are headed to the temple.

Liaro accompanied Ahkio to the Clan Leader meeting at Clan Osono.

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