Deceased. A parajista Tai Mora who has traveled to many worlds. She was the keeper of a way house in Dhai on the road to Garika.

Relationships Edit

Gian Mursia Badu Edit

Gian is Kalinda's niece. When they crossed over to Raisa, Kalinda hid her from the temples in order to raise her herself.

Nava Sona Edit

Kalinda grew up with Nava.

Biography Edit

Prior to The Mirror Empire Edit

Kalinda was working with Nava, waiting for her to send more children through the mirror. However, Lilia was the only one that made it through. Ultimately, Kalinda planned on waiting for Lilia to finish her studies at the temple before taking her to begin formal training. She intended to gradually reveal everything about the Tai Mora, the worlds coming together and the coming war at that time, but it's all thrown off by Lilia's early arrival.

Kalinda hides her niece, Gian, from the temples in order to raise her herself.

During The Mirror Empire Edit

Lilia traveled to the Hyacinth Way House, looking for Kalinda's help to travel near the Liona Stronghold. Kalinda refused, arguing that they need to hide her from the Tai Mora and the sanisi. Shortly after Lilia's arrival, Tai Mora soldiers showed up at the way house. Kalinda killed them utilizing para's breath and a club. Taigan showed up immediately after, gravely wounds her and her ability to use Para is greatly weakened. She used her last grasp at Para to release a poison in her veins, killing her swiftly.

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