Deceased. Former Kai of the Dhai. Murdered with her husband Rishin, in a fire when Kirana and Ahkio were still young. While details surrounding the fire are unknown, Ghrasia alludes to Javia and Rishin being driven out of Dhai by fear and an argument with Nasaka, and then burned in a foreign country.

Relationships Edit

Ahkio Javia Garika Edit

Javia had a stillborn baby, approximately at the same time that Nasaka had Ahkio. The babies were switched, and Ahkio was raised as Javia's son. He didn't find out his true parentage until he was an adult.

Javia once told Ghrasia that she never really understood Ahkio.

Ghrasia Madah Taosina Edit

Ghrasia was a former lover and good friend.

Kirana Javia Garika † Edit

Kirana was Javia's biological daughter

Rishin Garin Badu † Edit

Rishin was Javia's husband.

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