Leader of the Dhai militia in both Liona and Kuallina. Best known as the woman who pushed back the Dorinah invasion during the Pass War. Ghrasia has unnamed husbands and one daughter. Not a part of Clan Taosina by birth - her mother moved them there after her own fathers in Clan Mutao were killed in an accident.

Relationships Edit

Javia Mia Sorai Edit

Javia was a former lover and good friend.

Madah Edit

Madah is Ghrasia's only daughter. The Mirror Empire hints that she accidentally killed her cousin when she was twelve. Nasaka helped cover up the murder.

Nasaka Lokana Saiz Edit

Nasaka helped her cover up a murder committed by Ghrasia's daughter, Madah. Nasaka uses this as leverage for Ghrasia's support.

Biography Edit

Prior to The Mirror Empire Edit

During the Pass War, Ghrasia refused entry to eight hundred dajians to Liona Stronghold. The dajians were slaughtered by the pursuing Dorinah.

During The Mirror Empire Edit

Present during at the Temple of Oma for Ahkio's ascension, Ghrasia led her two dozen militia to defeat Clan Garika's attempted coup d'etat. Without her forces, the coup likely would've succeeded. Afterwards, Ahkio asks her and the Liona milita to escort the bodies to Garika. Nasaka then tells Ghrasia that Ahkio trusts her, because she was Javia's companion, and to report back anything Ahkio confides in her.

Ghrasia informed Ahkio that a number of strange deaths were reported and being investigated. She advised that they were possibly Tai Mora scouts, making way for an invasion into Dhai. Ghrasia asked him to allow her to form a centralized military force, but Ahkio refused.

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