Flora in Raisa can sometimes be sentient, ambulatory, and carnivorous. Particularly in woodland Dhai.

Adenoak- A type of yellowish hardwood tree commonly grown in Dhai.

Blinding tree - A tree that emits a deadly acid that numbs flesh and can eat through skin, bone and armor.

Bone tree - A tree with yellowish bark and spiny branches, made of bone. It catches small animals in its branches, and secretes a poisonous sap that kills its prey.

Bonsa - Large, yellow-barked trees trained to become living establishments in Dhai. Saplings are also used to create weapons infused with the breath of Para.

Everpine - The scent of this tree dissuades bugs and most sentient plants. Travelers through the woodland apply the scent to sleeping rolls and other supplies they want to remain undisturbed.

Fellwort - A plant trap that consists of a pit filled with poisonous green bile.

Floxflass - A yellow, thorned plant that moves to constrict prey in its tendrils.

Forsia tubers - A tuber that is poisonous if not deveined. Root of forsia lillies.

Mahuan root - Ground into a powder as an herbal treatment for asthma, mixed with water and then ingested. Can be chewed raw. Long term use leads to negative side effects and death.

Morvern's Drake - Broad-leafed plant which grows in boggy areas whose roots are crushed and used as a sudsing agent for scouring and cleaning.

Water lily spiders - Semi-sentient plants that filter water when they breathe. Utilized in the baths of the Temples.

Willowthorn - Thorny weeping tree with small leaves which grows up to 175 feet tall. Saplings are infused with the power of Sina to create infused weapons.

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