A matriarchal country on the northeast shore of Grania, ruled by a long line of Empresses. The country is roughly eighteen hundred years old and was formed when a violet-eyed foreign sorceress expelled Saiduan from the fortress of Daorian. Dorinah relies on the enslaved labor of Dhai people-- known locally as dajians-- to sustain its infrastructure and economy. The flag depicts the Eye of Rhea on a purple background.

Gender: Unlike the other major cultures of book, Dorniah has only two accepted genders - male and female. Women are the dominant gender.

Ruler: Casanlyn Aurnasia is the current Empress of Dorinah.

Capital: The capital city and hold is Daorian, built on the ruins of the Saiduan city of Diamia. It's a patchwork city of government houses to the east, merchants quarters organized by profession, and poorer shacks and tents along the water, where fishers and sea-trade people lived.

Military: Enforcers are members of the Dorinah military who capture wandering men or dajians and return them to where they belong. They often work in coordination with the Seekers. Zezili Hasaria is the Captain General of the eastern legion, and Tanasai Laosina is the Captain General of the western legion.

Seekers: Seekers are the Empress of Dorinah's magic users and assassins.

Slave status: If a Dorinah woman procreates with a dajian man, she will decide whether or not to claim the child, thus granting the child 'free' status. If she doesn't claim the child, the child will be a dajian slave. Syre Zezili Hasaria is a well known Dorinah figure with mixed parentage. Her mother claimed her.

Currency: The unit of currency is the dhorin.

Religion: Rhea is the goddess of Dorinah religion. Para, Sina and Tira are said to be her daughters. The Empress of Dorinah is also known as Rhea's divine. In Dorinah scripture, Rhea's Eye is a name for Oma.

Lake Morta is in a remote part of Dorinah. The lake is the subject of many Dorinah stories, and is considered to be a holy place blessed by Rhea. It is a spot where it requires less energy to travel between worlds. As a result, people from other worlds often appear here.

Brothels: Mardanas are brothels in the religious quarter of Dorinah cities where male prostitutes serve Rhea by pleasuring women. Also called 'cat houses.'

Architecture: Unlike the Dhai Temples, the Empress of Dorinah had all of the organic buildings torched and rebuilt from stone and iron. Thus the holds were cooler, less permanent, and required significantly more maintenance than the tirajista-built holds.

Key moments in history:

- The Pass War: A war in which the Dhai defeated Dorinah. The war started when eight hundred dajians escaped Dorinah and came to Liona Stronghold, begging for mercy and entrance to Dhai. The Dhai wouldn't let them in, and they were slaughtered by the pursuing Dorinah.