An elder Ora - over a century old - who taught Saiduan language, culture, and history at the Temple of Oma. One of Ahkio Javia Garika's teachers. Speaks with a Saiduan accent.

Physical Description Edit

He had a mean face, long and narrow, and kept his mouth pursed when not speaking.

Biography Edit

Prior to The Mirror Empire Edit

In Dasai's youth, he was a slave to the Patron of Saiduan at that time.

During The Mirror Empire Edit

Dasai led the Dhai envoy to Saiduan in order to translate ancient texts for any information useful in the fight against the Tai Mora. Dasai repeatedly warns the rest of the Dhai not to accept any gifts, or make any promises to the Saiduan.

Upon their arrival at Kuonrada, Dasai had dinner with Patron Alaar. During the dinner, he deliberately steered the conversation so the Patron would order Roh to help teach the dancers at Kuonrada. Afterwards, he told Roh this would allow him to spy on the other inhabitants, while the rest of the Dhai would be restricted to the texts.

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