One of the fourteen clans of Dhai. The Clan Leader was Tir Salarihi Garika until he and his family are exiled. Ahkio names Shisa's granddaughter, Isaila, the new Clan Leader.

Known as the most powerful single clan in Dhai, Clan Garika is the birthplace of three Kais and four Catoris. Often at the center of challenging the power and autonomy of the Kais, the clan is also an economic center and trading hub for the whole country. Goods coming up from the Asona harbor in Sorai are generally brought to Garika for distribution and sale across the clan. Much of the population makes a living as merchants, traders, and in other skilled professions such as plumbers, hedge doctors, and clan law specialists. Has a notorious rivalry with Clan Sorai.

During The Middle Empire Edit

Clan Garika attacked the Temple of Oma on the night of Ahkio's ascension to Kai. Almeysia assisted them by sneaking Yisaoh into the Temple early. The coup d'état wasn't successful.

Afterwards, Ahkio declared the survivors exiles, in accordance with The Book of Oma, and led a procession to return the dead back to Clan Garika. He brought with him two dozen militia and a dozen Oras. Tir met him in the middle of the Clan square, flanked by his wives and Yisaoh. He stated that Ahkio was not fit to be Kai. Ahkio then declared Tir and his family exiled to Saiduan in the third degree. The third degree dictated that the exile would include Tir and his wives, their children and children's spouses, and their children's children would be banished.