Empress of Dorinah. An alien to Raisa. Long ago, her people crossed over from another world, but many were left behind. She seeks to bring the rest over now, with the help of the Tai Mora. Other titles include Eye of Rhea, Rhea's Regent, Lord of the Seven Isles.

Relationships Edit

Penelodyn Edit

Sister, who ruled Tordin before being unseated by the Thief Queen.

Biography Edit

During The Mirror Empire Edit

At the beginning of The Mirror Empire, the Empress ordered Syre Zezili Hasaria to pull her legion back from the Dorinah coast and partner with unnamed 'foreign' allies, which turn out to be the Tai Mora agents Sai Hofsha Sorek and Sai Monshara.

After Zezili found out the Tai Mora's intentions to invade Raisa, she wrote to Empress Casanlyn to make sure she understood. The Empress responded back stating she already knew, and to Zezili was to do all they required.

During Empire Ascendant Edit

Ordered Syre Storm and Zezili Hasaria to Tordin to awaken her weapon against the Tai Mora at the beginning of Empire Ascendant.

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