Anavha is an untrained omajista and can open doors, or portals, between physical locations.

Physical Description Edit

Like most men allowed to live in Dorinah (versus being killed at birth), he's beautiful. He has long, black hair and grey eyes. He often wears kohl, powder and is clean shaven. He wears a girdle to present a slender appearance, as is the fashion for men in in Dorinah. He's shorter and weighs roughly pounds shorter than Zezili, which is as she prefers it.

Relationships Edit

Gilyana Lasinya Edit

Gilyana Lasinya is Anavha's mother. When he turned ten, she turned him over to a mardana, a Dorinah brothel.

Zezili Hasaria Edit

Zezili Hasaria's husband. The Empress awarded Anavha to Zezili as a token of her service. Anavha was fifteen when they were wed. Zezili is physically and emotionally abusive to him. Her treatment towards him is typical by Dorinah gender standards. She loaned him to her sisters for their sexual use, as is custom in Dorinah. Zezili tries to keep him occupied, so he won't be drawn to activities unsuitable for men according to Dorinah custom, such as reading. She kept him isolated on her estate, cut off from the city, visitors, news, etc.

Biography Edit

Childhood Edit

Raised in Dorinah's eastern province by his mother, Gilyana, a tax clerk. Gilyana turned him over to a brothel when he was ten. Anavha began cutting himself as a coping mechanism to emotional distress.

During The Mirror Empire Edit

Anavha is emotionally distraught at the opening of The Mirror Empire due to isolation and abuse from Zezili. When Zezili returns to the estate, they get into an argument, followed by sex. Anavha returned to his room and cut himself. His blood accidentally opened a doorway. Zezili immediately summoned the local priest, Karosia, however against the priest's protests, Zezili insisted he was not gifted and that he would stay with her household.

During Empire Ascendant Edit

Anavha is kidnapped by Natanial Thorne and he creates a door between Dorinah and Aaldia.

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