An Ora and the Mistress of Novices at the Temple of Oma. A very sensitive tirajista.

Biography Edit

During The Mirror Empire Edit

She helped the Tai Mora version of Yisaoh Alais Garika sneak into the Temple of Oma once the Kai became terminally ill. When Roh stumbled upon them, Almeysia stabbed him in the gut and left him for dead.

On the night of Ahkio's ascension to Kai and Clan Garika attacked the Temple, Almeysia fought alongside Garika. She is knocked unconscious by a blast from Ohanni and Nasaka orders her drugged.

Later, Nasaka brought a tortured and blinded Almeysia to Clan Osono for Ahkio to question. When he did, Almeysia told him that the Tai Mora were there to kill him and everyone else. That they'd already begun integrating themselves into society and they could be anyone. She told him that she had murdered Raisa's Yisaoh in order to let the Tai Mora Yisaoh cross over. But then Tir used omajistas to bring Yisaoh back to life, locking the Tai Mora Yisaoh back in her world. Following the confession, Ahkio ordered Almeysia exiled to Dorinah.

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