Deceased. The Patron of Saiduan; eighth in the country's current line of rulers. A tirajista. Succeeded by Rajavs Daonia. Alaar became more paranoid as the war with the Tai Mora carried on. He was suspicious that those close to him had been replaced by the invaders.

Physical Description Edit

A handsome, tall, straight-backed man with soft hands and bright eyes. His face had dense scar tissue just below his jawline. He grew a fine beard to hide the scars, but it only draws more attention to them. However, his beard was a fashion trend among the Saiduan, both men and women. He had a warm, soothing voice.

He wore a gold ring on his little finger with a pale blue stone the size of a robin's egg. This was the only jewelry he wore.

Relationships Edit

Maralah Daonia Edit

Maralah helped Alaar come to power because he had an eye for economics and infrastructure. She killed eight of his brothers to help him take the throne.

When Alaar was struck with a bolt to the heart, Maralah and a tirajista used their magic to build him an organic, plant-based heart replacement.

Despite this, during The Mirror Empire Alaar voiced concern that Maralah wanted to betray him. He asked her if the Dhai envoys are meant to kill him and suggests that maybe she'd been replaced by the Tai Mora at the battle of Aaraduan.

Biography Edit

Prior to the The Mirror Empire Edit

Unlike more established Saiduan families, Patron Alaar fought for his seat. He had Maralah kill eight of his brothers for it.

Seven years prior to The Mirror Empire, Alaar was struck with a bolt to the heart. Maralah and a tirajista used their magic to build him an organic, plant-based heart replacement.

During The Mirror Empire Edit

Using Taigan as an envoy, Alaar finalized a treaty with the Dhai to work together against the Tai Mora. Maralah recommended he send Wraisau and Driaa to assist the Dhai diplomatic party. In response, Alaar asked her if the Dhai were supposed to kill him, and if she'd been replaced by the Tai Mora. He revealed that he didn't expect her to survive the battle at Aaraduan. Maralah knelt and swore her loyalty, however Alaar made it clear he wasn't entirely convinced.

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